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The Half-Blood Chronicles


The Half-Blood Chronicles, Book One

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She never wanted magic.  But to survive, she’s going to need it.

Kes Adler had the perfect life—until her father disappeared.  Now she’s a pariah at school and strange visions make her question her sanity.

She thought her life couldn’t get any worse—but she was wrong.

The night she accepts a ride home from the mysterious Sol Kyrion, she learns there’s another world out there.  A world of magic—and danger.

Marked for Death…

The good news is that Kes isn’t crazy—she’s descended from an ancient, powerful race…and her magic is finally waking up.

But as a half-blood, Kes is marked for death.  Her pureblood relatives know she’s out there, and will stop at nothing to hunt her down.

Now she’s on the run with Sol–a half-blood who’s sarcastic, infuriating, and determined to save her life.  But it won’t be easy.  The magic world is changing.

Pureblood Hunters aren’t the only danger…and soon there will be no place left on earth that’s safe for half-bloods.

Kes never wanted this life.  But to keep it, she’ll have to trust her friends and fight her enemies.  Too bad it isn’t always easy to tell which is which…

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Noble Born

The Half-Blood Chronicles, Book Two

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To stop a greater evil, Kes must enter into an unthinkable alliance.  But is she a hero…or a pawn?

Kes never thought she’d work with the people who tried to kill her.  But with Sol off on a mission of his own and Blood Right on the rise, she has no choice but to ally with the purebloods.

Since the attack on the Capitol, the Blood Right army has grown more powerful…and more dangerous.  Now its leader is on the hunt for the Seven Relics—magical artifacts that bestow their owner with unlimited power…or so they say.

As the situation grows desperate, what’s left of the Aristoi government hatches an audacious plan: infiltrate Blood Right with one of its own.

Kes knows the mission is suicide.  But as a half-blood, she’s the only one who can earn their trust.  Now, deep in enemy territory, it’s up to her to stop Blood Right from unleashing a wave of destruction.

But as she follows the trail of clues, Kes uncovers secrets she wasn’t supposed to learn.  Now she doesn’t know what to believe.

Her mission isn’t what she thought it was.  And in a world where she’s never been more alone, she doesn’t know who to trust…

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Source Born

The Half-Blood Chronicles, Book Three

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As dark forces battle for control, humanity is caught in the crossfire.  Will magic be its salvation…or its destruction?

Alone and on the run from her former allies, Kes just wants to survive.

But when she learns that the Alliance of Four is on the verge of seizing ultimate power, she reluctantly agrees to join the fight.  

Forced into an uneasy partnership with an old enemy, Kes must traverse a world teetering on the brink of chaos.  Together, they must uncover the secret of the Final Relic–before the Alliance.

Their journey will take them to the forgotten corners of the world…and force them to confront the dark secrets of the Aristoi past. 

The fate of the world hangs in the balance.  But the closer Kes gets to the truth, the more complicated her mission becomes.

How can she save the world if everything she knows about magic is wrong? 

Coming September 2020

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